Learn from Criticism

Sometimes It Feels Like Dodgeball

 When we launch a venture—whether in our personal lives or in our businesses or work—we set out with goals and a mission. No matter how well we plan, however, we'll eventually encounter criticism. Doug McMillon, the President and CEO of Walmart, understands the reality of criticism. In this video from the WorkMatters FUSE Forum, Doug walks through the importance of not only establishing a clear purpose for business, but also being willing to learn when the criticism starts flying.

Despite Walmart's commitment to improving the lives of both customers and associates, the company encountered criticism. Rather than ignore the critics or argue with them, Doug learned from his predecessor to listen and learn. Execute the vision of the company, hone it with the truth from critics, and plan for the future.

What is your primary objective within the context of your work? What about the objective of your company or organization?
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Where have you faced criticism as you pursue your mission or goals at work? How have you responded? Why?
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What have you learned as you pursued your career goals and faced criticism? Have you grown? If so, how?
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What can you do this week to think about and plan for the future of your organization, or your contribution to your organization?
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We all have goals. We all face criticism. What sets us apart as good leaders is the way we respond in the face of critique. As you go through your week, listen for the truth in the words of critics. Continue to pursue the mission of your organization, and always plan for the future. 

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