No Time-Out in the Christian Life

Imagine If God's People Worked for Him

People spend over a third of their lives at work. As a pastor, it's important to equip God's people to live Christianly in every sphere of life. In this video produced by Made to Flourish, Mike Wittmer, Professor of Systematic Theology at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, helps us imagine what the world would look like if believers lived to honor God in every aspect of their lives.

Jesus is Lord of both our spiritual lives and our work lives. Your congregation needs to learn not only how to honor God with their devotions, giving, and church attendance, but also with their work. The church can have a profound impact on society and culture when its people live out their faith at work. As a pastor, you can equip them to live a holistic Christian life.

What job fields do the people in your congregation influence? Have you seen them live out their faith in their work? Why or why not?
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What impact could your church in particular have on your community if your congregation lived every part of their lives for the sake of God's glory?
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Who in your congregation could you visit to learn about the work context of your people? How would your sermon applications change if you shaped them to address the work experiences of those in your church?
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What can you do this week to disciple your congregation in submitting to Jesus' Lordship in every sphere of their lives?
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God has sent His people into the world to proclaim His glory and the hope of the gospel. But if His people aren't living fully Christian lives in their work, God's mission will suffer. As a pastor, you have the responsibility of discipling your congregation in holistic faithfulness to God's calling on their lives. Teach them to honor God in their work, and watch Him work in ways beyond your imagination.

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