Fill Everything With God's Presence

Work Is Sacred

Jesus wants all of life to be under His lordship. But often, pastors wall off the work week from worship on Sunday. Worship services are important, but God calls His people to live out their whole lives to honor and glorify Him. In this video produced by the Made to Flourish Network, Jeff Vanderstelt, the Lead Teaching Pastor of DoxaChurch in Bellevue, Washington, walks through a right view of work. 

Work is sacred. The vast majority of a believer's life is spent at work—not in church programs. A pastor's responsibility is to equip the people of God to live the Christian life well outside of the walls of the church. 

What message about work has your preaching and teaching sent to your congregation? Would they view their work as a sacred calling based on your teaching? Why or why not?
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What would your Sunday morning service look like if the gathered congregation had spent the entire week both serving God and worshipping Him in their work?
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What is one thing you can do this week to prepare the people of your congregation to worship, serve, and honor God in their work?
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A few hours on Sunday morning aren't sufficient to make full Christians. The believers in your church need to know how to live every moment and every sphere of their lives as faithful followers of Jesus. You have the unique position as a pastor to disciple holistic Christians who bring everything—whether work or play—into submission to Jesus.

Don't embark on the process of helping your church integrate faith and work alone. You have help. To find out more about the ministry of Made to Flourish or to find out to become a part of the pastors' network, click here.