The Bible For Every Day

A Faith For All Seven Days

As a pastor, most of your day is spent at church: you prepare sermons, disciple believers, visit the sick and shut-in, administrate programs, and organize Sunday worship. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that the rest of the congregation spends their work week in the secular world. God's Word speaks not just to Sunday's ministries, but to the whole week. In this video produced by the Made to Flourish Network, Al Mohler, the President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, identifies the important truths the Bible contains about living all week for God's glory. 

The majority of the Bible discusses how the people of God should live their lives throughout the week. Faithfulness isn't just attending church on Sunday—it's living a life that serves God and glorifies Him. As a pastor, God has called you to disciple your congregation, and to equip them to live God-honoring lives all seven days of the week.

When you think about the spiritual lives of your congregation, where do you focus? On what programs they attend at church? Small groups? What are your desires for your people's lives outside of church?
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When God's people do their work well—when they live as Christians all seven days of the week—they build society in a way that glorifies God. How would your congregation affect your community if they lived every single day with God's glory in mind?
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As you look at all the tasks before you this week, what can you, personally, do to impact the work life of the people in your congregation?
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Christianity is a faith that transforms the whole person. We become new in Christ, and we're to do everything—from expense reports to diaper changes—for God's glory. As you teach the Bible to your congregation, make sure it touches every day of the week. 

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