Called to Work

Ministry Without a Pulpit

Alex Medina seemed destined for the pastorate. But God's calling on his life launched him into a career in music production and design.  In this video produced by the Made to Flourish Network, Alex talks through his calling. Destined for pastoral ministry, he began to question whether or not he needed a pulpit to glorify God. Alex began to realize that you don't need to be a pastor to be an effective servant of God. Alex is Creative Director and Producer at Reach Records.

The gospel isn't just salvation. It's all of life. God has called His people to love and serve Him in those vocations He calls them to. For some, that means full time ministry. But for most, that means secular work. Alex understands his calling and strives to glorify God in his daily work.  

What have you understood "calling" to mean in the past? How does Alex's perspective affect that understanding?
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How can you serve and glorify God in your daily work? What would your job look like if you did it with the knowledge that it was your divine calling?
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In light of Alex's story, what is one way you can change the way you work today?
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The gospel speaks to every area of life. Look for those ways in which you can honor and glorify God in your work. Your job is a calling—God designed you for the work you do, and He equipped you to do it well. By working well and honoring Him, you can fulfill your calling.

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