Make Them Fully Christian

More Than a Job

What value does a job have to God? The people in your congregation are a lot of things: accountants, teachers, truck drivers, real estate managers, investment specialists, and stay-at-home moms. But few of those people know how their Christian faith should shape the way they do their jobs. Tim Keller, Founding Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, discusses in this video not just the importance of job-centered discipleship, but also the impact it can have on the community.

Tim points out that many believers tend to separate their faith from their work not because they don't think that Christianity belongs in the workplace, but because they never had help in figuring out how to integrate faith and work. When, as a pastor, you support, honor, and disciple men and women in the workplace, you help them to become fully Christian in every area of life.

Do the people in your church know how to integrate their faith with their work? If so, how have you seen that integration play out? If not, why not?
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Christians who do their work to honor God and bring Him glory make an impact on their community. What would your church's community and neighborhood look like if the men and women you discipled lived holistic Christian lives?
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Tim challenges church leaders to highlight and honor the men and women who are outstanding in their fields of work. How can you you show honor in your church to the men and women who faithfully serve God with their work?
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Your people need a pastor not just at church, but in their work, too. God has given you the responsibility of equipping His people for the work of ministry—and that ministry happens, for the most part, at work. Focus on discipling your congregation in the intentional application of their faith to their jobs, and honor them for their good work.

Don't embark on the journey of helping your church integrate faith and work alone. You have help. To find out more about the ministry of Made to Flourish or to find out to become a part of the pastors' network, click here