Your Walk With God

Enjoy God Today

How would you describe your walk with the Lord? Listen as Doug Sherman shares how to measure progress in your walk with God and also grow in your relationship with Him. Doug is the founder and CEO of three companies and the author of several books including Your Work Matters to God.   

How would you describe your relationship with God today–intimate, distant, enjoyable, burdensome? What circumstances in your life have contributed to this season in your walk with Him?
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Doug explained that one way we can measure progress in our walk with God is to ask questions like: 

  • How many God stories will I have at the end of today?
  • How many times did I enjoy God today?
  • How many times did I tune my heart to listen to God today? 

How have you measured growth in your walk with God in the past? How might these questions help you measure progress in a different way?
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In what ways have you experienced and enjoyed God this week? What could you change about your daily rhythm to more frequently hear from God and invite him into your life?
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We read in John 10:10 that Jesus came that we might have life, and have it abundantly. Doug shared that an abundant life in Jesus is the end goal of our walk with God. May we lean into the Good Shepherd with more frequency and depth to experience this life He died to give.