The Labor of the Worship Leader

2014 Doxology and Theology Conference

In this 33-minute session from the 2014 Doxology and Theology Conference, Matt Boswell hosts fellow worship leaders Aaron Ivey, Michael Bleecker, and Matt Papa in a panel discussion about the labor of the worship leader. 

Matt Boswell is Pastor of Ministries & Worship at Providence Church in Frisco, Texas. Aaron Ivey is Pastor of Worship at Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas. Michael Bleecker is Worship Pastor at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas. Matt Papa is a singer-songwriter and recording artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

The panelists shared that they labor in the following:

  1. Studying the Word
  2. Discipling younger generations
  3. Praying for their flock
  4. Being faithful husbands and fathers
  5. Planning worship each week 
  6. Listening to music that stirs their souls 

Which of these do you spend the most time doing and why? Which could you commit more time to and how?
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What comes to mind when you think about God? How does that vision influence how you write or lead worship? How could you continue to grow in a deeper understanding of God?
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What does discipleship look like in your ministry? How could you be more intentional about raising up a new generation of worship leaders?
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What do you take into consideration when planning worship services? What did you learn from the panelists that you can implement in your preparation this week?
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May we be faithful to the Word, the work of our hands, and our flock. May we not seek to make name for ourselves or increase our platform, but rather lift high the name of Jesus and love of the Father. 

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