Labor to Teach

2014 Doxology and Theology Conference

In this 26-minute session from the 2014 Doxology and Theology Conference, worship pastor Michael Bleecker encourages fellow worship leaders to commit to teaching theology through song. Michael Bleecker is the Worship Pastor at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas.

Describe your vision for corporate worship. What did you learn about the role of a worship leader in this teaching?
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How do you teach the Word through worship? How else could you add more meaning and depth to each song?
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Michael said, “The church cannot afford to settle for worship leaders who are capable musicians but incompetent theologians.” How does theology shape your doxology? How could you grow in a deeper understanding of Scripture?
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Micheal said, “When Word is taught through our songs, the opportunity exists for the informed worshiper to respond to God with heart and mind, affection and thought.”  

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