Faith Lived Out

Walking Proof

Steve Reinemund served with PepsiCo for over 23 years, the last six of which he spent as the CEO. He retired as the Dean of the Business School at Wake Forest University in 2014. In this short video, he describes how the faithful life of his mother influenced him to pursue Christianity. In the business world, we often don’t have the liberty to speak openly about our faith. But the story that Steve shares highlights the value of faithfully living out our faith on a daily basis. 

Steve shared how his mother lived her faith every single day—even through some of the hardest experiences of life. He said, “You couldn’t watch her live and not know that she had a personal relationship with God.” Steve’s mother set a living example of Christian faith, and it profoundly impacted Steve and challenged him to live in the same way. 

Who have you seen live out their faith through the good times and the bad? What strikes you most about that person?
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Steve said his mother's example made him want to live better in front of his own children. What does your life say about your faith to your children? What about to your coworkers?
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Steve admits that he had to choose Jesus on his own, but his mother’s life was a big factor in his decision. What impact might you have on those around you if you choose to live out your faith on a daily basis?
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What is one thing you can do today to model your faith in Jesus in the workplace? At home?
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A living example of trust in Jesus can profoundly impact people without speaking a single word. As you go through your work day, and as you interact with your family at home, remember to make the decisions that will reflect your faith. Live it out, and you’ll have an impact. 

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