Suggestions for Servant Leadership

World Leaders Conference 2014

In this 20-minute session from the 2014 World Leaders Conference, Wayne Huizenga Jr., respected leader in philanthropy and business, sits down with president of World Leaders Group James Davis and offers some characteristics of servant leaders.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how it can impact your leadership.  

Which of Wayne’s points did you find most impactful? Why?
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Did you gain a specific insight into your life, work, or leadership? What challenged you?
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How were you encouraged through this session? How can you use what you've learned to encourage someone else—in your personal life, at work, or at church—and equip them as a disciple of Christ?
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How, practically, can you implement what you heard from this session in your life and/or work today? What will you do differently this week because of what you've just heard?
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Wayne shares some great examples of servant leadership from his own life and work. His stories are a good reminder that leadership doesn't always have to be glamorous or extraordinary; there are ways to make an impact in both big and small ways at work, at home, and in the lives of everyone we meet.  

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