Plant a Church from Your Knees

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Planting a church can feel overwhelming. With bookstore shelves bowed under the weight of tome after tome on the subject, it's easy to believe that church planting is impossible. Tim Chaddick knows first hand. He planted and continues to pastor Reality LA in Hollywood, California. And he says church planting is impossible. 

But we serve the God of the impossible, and Tim paints a picture of what church planting may look like when armed not with how-to books, but with earnest prayer.

Tim argues that the first and foremost thing any church planter should do is pray. Prayer, he says, aligns the church planter with God’s will for the endeavor. Prayer makes the impossible possible.  

As you look back over your experiences in ministry, where have you seen God do the impossible in response to prayer?
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What things make it to the top of your priority list as you approach the project of planting a church? Where does prayer appear on that list?
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What would change in your church planting mission if prayer became the top priority?
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Tim also surfaced the importance of specific prayer. We can ask for general blessings, but we can also ask God to reveal the plan He has for the church and for the community. After all, the church is God’s project. Even if it’s impossible, He can overcome the obstacles that leap into the way. 

What specific things in your church planting endeavor can you focus prayer on? List them here.
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What will your church plant look like if God reveals His will in the specific areas you listed?
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Planting a church from our knees can feel weak. As humans, we like to take action. Instead Tim Chaddick has challenged us to align ourselves not only with God’s will, but with His power to overcome the impossible. We may be weak on our knees, but only there can God’s strength really shine.