Homosexuality and the Christian Faith

2014 The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference

In this 47-minute session from the 2014 The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference, author Rosaria Butterfield shares her inspiring story of conversion. A former lesbian, she describes how the Bible changed her from the inside out.
Rosaria Butterfield is a frequent conference speaker and the author of Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert and Openness, Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ.  

Describe how you came to faith in Christ. In what ways did your life and worldview change? How has it grown and matured since then?
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Rosaria felt safe with the Smiths because they treated her like a friend instead of a project. Who could you befriend from your work, school, or neighborhood? What might be holding you back from pursuing genuine relationships with non-believers?
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Rosaria said, “I thought understanding came before obedience, not the other way around. I wanted God to show me on my terms why homosexuality was a sin. I wanted to be the judge. The question stood before me: Could my heart echo God’s call for obedience? Could I will to do God’s will?”  

When have you practiced obedience in faith before fully understanding why obedience was necessary? How did God respond?
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Rosaria described homosexuality as the fruit of pride and a case of mistaken identity. Think about your own sinful habits and desires. What could be the roots of those fruits—pride, control, unbelief? How have they become your identity?
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Rosaria said, “Repentance is not just some conversion exercise, it is the posture of the Christian…When we call sin sin and repent of it, no matter our personal feelings, we honor His authority.” 

What does repentance look like in your life? When have you repented for sin that did not feel like sin? How has repentance renewed your relationship with God?
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God, help us see our lives from your point of view. Give us the faith to repent of sin and relinquish our deepest and most primal feelings to you, trusting that your Word is the only truth. Root our identity in your authority and grace. Amen. 

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