Why Me?

America's Best Hope 2014

In this 20-minute session from America's Best Hope 2014, Russ Crosson challenges leaders to examine the WHY behind their leadership. Russ is the CEO of Ron Blue & Co., a national wealth management firm that provides comprehensive financial strategies based on biblical wisdom. Prior to that he was Executive Director of the National Christian Foundation.  Russ is the author of several books including Your Life…Well Spent and What Makes a Great Leader

The simple purpose behind your leadership is to replace yourself. 

What fears do you have to overcome in order to lead in a way to replace yourself?
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What are some key differences in the culture of an organization where the leader is seeking to raise up new leaders, and one who is concerned primarily with his or her own production/performance?
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Russ introduced the term, "isopraxism." This is the idea that those you are leading are taking their cues from you.    

In what ways is your body language, the words you use, how you respond to challenges, impacting the culture of your workplace? What cues are those you lead picking up from you?
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The mission of your organization is much bigger than you. The more you see yourself as a steward, leading from an others-focused position, the more you will see those you lead flourish. The more those you lead flourish, the more your organization will flourish.  

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