The Heart & Character of a Godly Leader

America's Best Hope 2014

In this 25-minute session from America's Best Hope 2014, John Townsend shares the five ke qualities of high-character leaders. John is a respected author, psychologist, leadership coach, and organizational consultant. He has authored and co-authored numerous books including the best-selling, Boundaries. 

 John gave 5 Character Stones:
  1. The high-character leader connects relationally.
  2. The high-character leader clarifies responsibility.
  3. The high-character leader faces failure well.
  4. The high-character leader is results oriented.
  5. The high-character leader sees the bigger picture.

Great leaders show that they care AND seek to connect with those they lead. What are some practical ways that you can seek to connect with employees on a personal level?
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"Great leaders don't do the good things, they do the best things." 

Think about your current task list. What is one "good" thing that takes a significant amount of your time? How can you delegate that task so that you can focus on the "best" things?
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What is your typical response to failure? What do you think it look like to face failure in a way that inspires those you lead?
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John suggested three questions to ask your team weekly:
  • What are your goals?
  • How is your progress toward your goals?
  • How can I best resource you?

How do these questions help contribute to a healthy, results-oriented culture?
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What has God placed you, specifically, on earth to do? How is that reflected in the way you lead your team?
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As a leader, you have your own set of competencies. Chances are good that you work hard to further develop and expand your competences, whether that's through seminars, conferences, courses, or reading books. In the same way, you must seek to develop as a high-character leader. Think and pray through how the Lord would have you grow as a godly leader who has both high competency and high character.

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