Leading from Communion, Not Compulsion

America's Best Hope 2014

In this 26-minute session from America's Best Hope 2014, Daniel  Montgomery challenges leaders to be Christ-centered, leading from a place of communion instead of compulsion. Daniel is Lead Pastor of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY. He is co-author of Faithmapping  and PROOF.

Toward the beginning of the session, Daniel asked three fundamental questions about leadership. Take some time to reflect on each and answer them in the space provided. 

Who are you serving?
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How have the men and women who choose to follow your leadership grown?
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At the end of your life, what will be the legacy of your leadership?
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The Cycle of Compulsion:
Covet >> Compare >> Compete >> Crash 

Have you ever worked under a leader who operated from a cycle of compulsion? How did their leadership influence your work?
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When and where are you most likely to operate from a cycle of compulsion in your own leadership?
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The Cycle of Communion:
Conviction >> Creativity >> Collaboration >> Courage

How do those you lead respond when you operate from a cycle of communion?
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Daniel noted that communion is ultimately about presence. How can you make an effort to be more present with those you work alongside today?
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Are you leading from a place of compulsion or communion? Is your leadership self-centered or Christ-centered?  Go back and re-read your responses to the first three questions in this post. As you think about your own leadership, let those questions serve as a diagnostic to help you grown as a faithful, Christ-centered leader. 

For more information about America's Best Hope, or to attend next year's event, click here.