Affirming Art

2015 Redeeming Work Conference - Portland

In this 17-minute session from the 2015 Redeeming Work Conference in Portland, Fritz Liedtke shares several ways pastors and church leaders can better shepherd and affirm artists in the church. Frtiz Liedtke is an award-winning and widely-published commercial and fine art photographer.  

Fritz said, “The church seems to value art only as far as it goes into the realm of propaganda…it is all about evangelism…I have had to recognize all the other things about art that are so important, and the things about myself that are so important. I am created as a creator, it makes me whole to do it.” 

What has been you experience with art in the church? Has it been limited to evangelism, or has it been celebrated for what it is?
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Who are the artists and creatives in your church? How are they affirmed in their work at church? What might make them hesitant to express creativity and talk about their work with other believers?
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Fritz shared several ways church leaders can affirm the work of artists and creatives:

  • Buying and supporting their work
  • Going to their gallery openings, book readings, or events 
  • Announcing their upcoming events to the church 
  • Asking them to share their work with the church 
  • Allowing them to lead worship services
  • Supporting them in prayer
  • Holding them accountable to truth 
  • Engaging in conversation about art and culture
  • Being willing to learn and understand
  • Hosting art events to raise money for missions
  • Offering artist residencies 

Which of these might you consider doing? What do you think you and your church could learn about God and culture from artists?
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Fritz concluded, “Not all art is super esoteric. Everybody in this room looks at art every day because you watch television, watch movies, listen to music. That’s the stuff that really creates our culture…the stuff that is forming the minds of the people in our society, way more than preaching or anything else does. Encourage your people to be creative in the game as culture creators.”