Encouragement for Parents of Prodigals

2013 D6 Conference

In this 33-minute session from the 2013 D6 Conference, Robert Morgan shares from his own experience with prodigal children to encourage other parents who grieve the choices that their children are making. Robert is pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, TN. He has authored 25 books including Prayers and Promises for Worried Parents and The Promise.

5 Words of Grace:
  1. Pain
    There is no pain like the pain experienced when your child is in crisis.
  2. Prayer
    When someone we love is in trouble, it drives us to prayer.
  3. Patience
    Give the Lord time. He created everything with a maturation process.
  4. Peace
    The Lord wants you to have peace, even when someone you love is in trouble.
  5. Praise
    We can praise God, even though things are not as we want them to be. 

What makes a prodigal child particularly painful? Why do you think the emotions involved are so much greater than with other friends or relatives who are running from the Lord?
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In the New Testament, Jesus comes to the aid of many parents who had children in need. How does knowing this about Jesus encourage you as you pray for children who are running from Him?
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If you are the parent of a prodigal child, what might you do today to let your child know you love them and that the Lord loves them?
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If you are seeking to minister or counsel a parent of a prodigal, what opportunities can you take this week to encourage them?
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Watching a child run away from the Lord that they were raised to know and love is painful—especially if that child is your own. But parents of prodigals are not without hope. Remain steadfast in your knowledge of the Lord's love for you, praying that He will draw your child back to Himself. 

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