Connecting and Collaborating

2015 Redeeming Work Conference - Portland

In this 23-minute session from the 2015 Redeeming Work Conference in Portland, Kevin Palau shares five things he has learned about uniting and mobilizing churches, businesses, organizations, and political leaders to love and serve their cities. Kevin Palau is President of the Luis Palau Association and a nationally-recognized leader for sustainable citywide movements that bring local leadership together in unprecedented ways.

Kevin shared five things he has learned about citywide engagement through pioneering CityServe:

  1. It requires a long-term commitment to transformation. 
  2. It requires genuine relationships in and outside the body of Christ. 
  3. It is about celebrating and accelerating what God is doing in the city.
  4. It requires a willingness to embrace unlikely partnerships. 
  5. It requires belief that the good news of Christ is good news for the city.  

What is the spiritual climate of your city? What do residents think about the work and leadership of the church?
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What do you think are the greatest needs in your city? What might flourishing and renewal look like?
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In what ways have you seen churches in your city work together for the common good? How collaborative are corporate, civic, and church leaders in your city? How might a gathering of those leaders promote unity and transformation?
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Are you a local leader? What is your influence in the community? Who could you strategically get to know to foster unity in the body of Christ and community? What fears might hold you back from unlikely relationships?
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Why is the good news of Jesus good news to you? Why is it good news for your city? How might collaborative community service be a platform for evangelism?
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It takes energy and risk to connect and collaborate with others. But if we believe that the good news of Jesus is good news for all, we can be bold in coming together as a body of Christ to love, serve, and seek renewal for our cities.  

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