Gospel Engagement

2014 Redeeming Work Conference - Twin Cities

In this 46-minute session from the 2014 Redeeming Work Conference in the Twin Cities, Skye Jethani hosts pastors Tom Nelson, Michael Binder, Joel Johnson in a panel discussion about gospel engagement in the community and marketplace. 

Tom Nelson is Senior Pastor of Christ Community Church in Leawood, Kansas and the author of Work Matters. Michael Binder a pastor at Mill City Church in Minneapolis, MN. Joel Johnson is Senior Pastor of Westwood Community Church in Chanhassen, MN.  

Michael shared how he and his staff try to meet needs without programs. What does program implementation look like at your church? Could any programs be reassessed in light of the current mission and vision of you church, or even potentially replaced with resources?
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Joel said, “I did not want to become the little white church at the edge of town…I tried to build bridges in the community and in the midst of that, redemptive dialogue has been forthcoming.” In what ways are you and your congregants engaged in the local community? How could you be more participative in local projects and conversations? What does redemption look like for your community?
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The panelists each explained how they teach their congregants to engage in gospel conversations. Joel is a firm believer in the power of a consistent presence to build trust. Michael challenges congregants to name what God is doing in the lives of their coworkers. Tom encourages the use and recognition of narrative language—ought, is, can and will—to make a connection point. 

How do you teach congregants to engage in gospel conversations in the community and at work? Why might it not be enough to simply tell non-believers that Jesus died for their sin? What did you learn from this panel that could be implemented in your church?
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God entered the messiness of our world. May we embrace the message of the incarnation by being pastors and people who step into the messiness of our communities and workplaces in the name of redemption and restoration.  

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