Scales of Influence

2015 Redeeming Work Conference - Portland

Do you feel like you lack the influence at work to make any positive changes? In this 28-minute session from the 2015 Redeeming Work Conference in Portland, AJ Sherrill outlines three scales of influence to encourage and empower every believer to participate in the ministry of reconciliation. 

AJ serves as Parish Pastor of Trinity Grace Church in Chelsea, New York. He is also the author of Quiet: Hearing God Amidst the Noise and Urban Disciple: Following Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew.  

AJ said, “Our work is not just about what we can construct, but what we can reconcile.” When you imagine your work through the lens of reconciliation, what does it look like? What might God want to transform and see flourish?
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AJ outlined three scales of influence in the marketplace:

  1. People: Are you a trusted confidant? Are you growing in love for others?
  2. Products: Are you trusted with the why and how of product creation?
  3. Policies: Are you in a position to shape the direction of your company and industry? 

What is your role at work? Do you have the most influence with people, products, or policies? How have you already seen transformation?
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How have you gained the trust of your coworkers or bosses? How has that trust opened doors for you to share the gospel or offer opinions?
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How do you think your company impacts culture? What does it communicate to the world about being human? Is it a message you can support, why or why not?
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God is making all things new. May we as living temples of God take spiritual responsibility for the people, products, and policies in our companies and industries, and may we have the imaginations to see what isn’t, but longs to be made new.

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