The Toil of Work

2015 Redeeming Work Conference - Portland

In this 32-minute session from the 2015 Redeeming Work Conference in Portland, Kate Harris challenges you to consider how the toilsome constraints of your job might be the redeeming work of the Lord. Kate is the Executive Director of The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture. 

What about your work feels toilsome and constraining? Do you feel like those things are holding you back from your calling? Why or why not?
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Kate said, “Constraints can become the means of clarity, focus, and creativity.” How have you experienced this in your own life and work? When have constraints —time, resources, people, expectations—birthed new ideas?
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Kate encouraged us to cultivate habits of rootedness and attentiveness in our work:

  1. Rootedness: What is my reality? How can I consent?
  2. Attentiveness: What could God be doing here? What is being redeemed? 

What might it look like for you to consent to your reality? What might God be redeeming through your work?
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Kate said, "A big view of God is our best anchor to reality." How does an understanding of the sovereignty of God encourage you in your weariness and reorient your perspective?
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Kate said, “Constraints are the reality for every single one of us, yet we worship a God who has promised that He works in them to bring about extraordinary things.”

For more information about Redeeming Work and how you can attend the next event, click here.