Marriage Matters

2013 D6 Conference

In this 47-minute session from the 2013 D6 Conference, Todd Wagner highlights the four things you can do for a high view of marriage, both in your home and at your church. Todd is the Senior Pastor of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TX. 

4 Crucial Aspects of a High View of Marriage:
  1. Authentic
  2. Committed
  3. Connected
  4. Aware

Before you can be a champion for marriage in your church, you must be a champion of your own marriage. What opportunities do the people in your church have to see biblical marriage displayed through you and your spouse?
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Have you ever experienced pressure to have a "perfect" marriage? How does being authentic about your own marriage struggles help equip and encourage the marriages in your congregation?
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How does your church view divorce? In what circumstances (if ever) is divorce permitted?
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How does your church's view of divorce shape your encouragement toward reconciliation—even in cases of sexual infidelity? How does it shape your pre-marital counseling?
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Think about your marriage in particular. Do you have other couples who can give insight and encouragement into you and your spouse's relationship? Why is it important to have people who care about the health of your marriage, other than just you and your spouse?
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Marriage matters. Whether it is your own, or those in your congregation, God has ordained His church to protect and seek the welfare of the institution of marriage. Seek to grow in authenticity, commitment, connection, and awareness as you champion the good, beautiful, biblical picture of marriage in your church.

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