When Dreams Die

2014 Redeeming Work Conference - Chicago

What does it mean when our dreams die? In this 63-minute session from the 2014 Redeeming Work Conference in Chicago, Phil Vischer shares what he learned about God and his own heart when his company fell apart. Phil Vischer is the creator of VeggieTales, founder and CEO of Jellyfish Labs, and the author of Me, Myself & Bob plus two popular children's books. 

Phil explained that when he put his identity and worth in being the next Walt Disney, he made unwise business decisions. In what ways is your identity and worth be wrapped up in your work or dreams? When has the desire to protect your identity or pursue a dream negatively influenced your decision-making and relationship with the Lord?
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Have you ever lost your job unexpectedly or experienced the death of a dream? How did it affect your life and faith? What might you be unwilling to give up or trust God with today, and how did this story encourage you?
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Phil said, “The impact God has planned for us does not occur when we’re pursuing impact, it occurs when we’re pursuing God.” Could you be pursuing impact more than God? What could help you discern your motives?
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Phil shared six principles he now lives by:

  1. No long-range planning. God, what have you called me to today?
  2. Maximize flexibility and minimize cost. God, how you want to use me?
  3. Chase God, not growth. God, give me a heart to chase you.
  4. Focus on obedience, not outcomes. God, how can I serve you?
  5. Question desires. God, why do I want this?
  6. Use language carefully. God, help me tend the garden you've given me. 

Which of these principles and prayers scare you the most and why? Which might you need to implement in your own life?
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Phil said, "I learned that the most important thing is not the work I can do for God, but to make God the most important thing. I started over, on my knees."

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