Speaking From Experience

2014 The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference

In this 58-minute session from the 2014 TGC Women’s Conference, Kathleen Nielson hosts Carrie Sandom, Noel Piper, Trillia Newbell, and Jenny Sink in a panel discussion about their varied ministry experiences. You will be encouraged to minister to women where you are, as you are.  

The panelists minister as complementarians. Who or what has influenced your understanding of gender roles? Did this panel offer any clarity or encouragement?
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The panelists described one-on-one discipleship as the most strategic and fruitful way to minister to women. Jenny said, “How do we learn to pray? When we hear someone else. How do we learn to read the Bible? When we read with someone else. How do we learn a disciplined life? By seeing other people do it.” 

How has this been true in your own life? What have you learned from one-on-one discipleship and watching others live their faith? Who could you invite into your life, or who might be watching you?
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About serving in the church, Noel said, “God does not waste anything…You know what God has given you gifts for and what your heart is for. Look for ways to do that in appropriate roles.” And Carrie, “Our desire for recognition is clouding the issue…do not wait for someone to give you a job or title.” 

What are your God-given gifts and passions? How are you using them to minister to others? Could anything be holding you back—fear, lack of encouragement, or desire for recognition?
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What has been your experience working and ministering under the leadership of men? In what ways have you struggled? In what ways have you flourished?
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Open your messy home. Invite women into your life. Be intentional about conversations. Minister in your gifts. See the opportunities around you. Pray for women and pray for your church leadership. 

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