Preaching to the Heart

2015 TGC National Conference

In this 62-minute workshop from the 2015 Gospel Coalition National Conference, Tim Keller explains the importance of preaching to the heart, giving practical ways for preachers to reach their people. Tim is Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. He has authored numerous books including  Center Church and The Reason for God

How does the biblical understanding of "heart" differ from the ancient and modern understandings?
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How should the biblical understanding of heart impact the preacher's aim in a sermon?
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In order to preach to the heart, you must preach:
  • Culturally
  • Affectionately
  • Imaginatively
  • Practically
  • Wondrously
  • Christocentrically 

What are some of the cultural narratives that you feel you should address in your preaching? How do you show the better narrative of the gospel in contrast to these cultural narratives in your preaching?
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Do you think you are more prone to flat affect or excitability in your preaching? Why?
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How does knowing your material "cold" enable you to preach with proper affection?
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Think of a recent sermon you preached. How did it seek to reach the imagination of your hearers? How might you have better connected to their imaginations?
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Tim stated that until you get to Jesus, it's not a sermon. How do you define Christocentric preaching? Why is it important?
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Recall a recent sermon (preached by someone else), that you found particularly moving. What stood out about it? How were Tim's aspects of preaching to the heart utilized?
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Delivering biblical truth is only half the equation of faithful preaching. As a preacher, you have a responsibility to the people in front of you to bring that truth home. While proper exegesis and diligent study is absolutely necessary, so is making the fruit of your study applicable to the people in the pews. 

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