Love Letter from God

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What if we saw the Bible less like a history book and more like a love letter from God? Priscilla Shirer encourages Bible study leaders to experience the captivating love of God through the pages of Scripture and invite the women they lead to do the same. Priscilla is the author of numerous books and Bible studies including One in a Million and The Resolution for Women.  

When you think of the Bible, what five words come to mind? Why might you have a hard time considering the Bible a love letter from God?
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Priscilla gave three tips for Bible study leaders:

  1. Make the environment safe and authentic. 
  2. Treat the Bible and tools like a love letter. 
  3. Remind women it is not just religion, but a love relationship.  

How do you create a safe and authentic Bible study environment? How do you know women feel safe? What could you do different?
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Considering the Bible as a love letter may be hard for women in your small group who have experienced pain in intimate relationships. How can you be sensitive to those women, but also encourage them in the love of God?
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Priscilla said, “The Bible is the God of the universe pulling [women] aside…so that He can speak sweetly to them.”  

How does this make you feel? What holds you back from believing in this intimate love?
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How do you think the women in your group would respond to that statement? What might change in their lives if they believed in the intimate love of God?
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God draws us into his deep and unfailing love through the pages of Scripture. May we pray for hearts to delight and believe in His love.