Empower Employees to Live Their Faith

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Whether you own your own business, are a top-level executive in a large corporation, or simply lead a small team in your company, you have a significant amount of influence with those you lead. In this post, Don Soderquist encourages business leaders to be open and honest with their faith and values, opening the door for those they lead to do the same. Don formerly served as the Chief Operating Officer of Walmart and is Founding Executive of the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics. 

What unique opportunities do you have to share your faith as a business leader?
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What does it look like to be authentic and honest about your faith without making those on your team who don't share your faith uncomfortable?
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Who else on your team is a follower of Christ? What are some ways that you can be intentional about encouraging them in their faith?
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God has placed you in your position of leadership and influence for a purpose. As you lead your team, be sensitive to how the Lord might desire to use you to encourage others and bring glory to His name.