Leading "Perfect Love" Bible Study featuring Lisa Harper

Perfect Love: Pursuing Intimacy with Christ through the Song of Solomon

You can find the Perfect Love Bible study series exclusively in the RightNow Media Bible Study Library here.

We all want to be known and loved. Though we can experience deep relationships with others, there will always be a hole in our hearts for the perfect love of Christ. But, what does that really mean? How do we pursue intimacy with an invisible God? What if we do not feel worthy of His love? How do we do when troubles kidnap our security in Christ?

In six powerful sessions, Lisa Harper will walk women through the Song of Solomon to answer those questions and more. Though romance and marital love are typically associated with this book, Lisa takes a Christ-centered approach to illustrate how this ancient love story is relevant to our lives and relationship with Jesus today. 

Take a look at this video overview of the study.

As you saw in that video, this study features real-life stories of women who felt lost in routine, unloveable, and heartbroken until God affirmed their worth and drew them into the greatest love story of all time. In this real-life story from the series, Rachel shares what happened when she finally surrendered her discontentment to God. 

You lead women in different seasons in their relationship with the Lord. Who in your group is like Rachel, drowning in discontentment and unable to move forward in her relationship with God? Who may be going through the motions of faith? Who is in a season of suffering, doubting the goodness of God? Who can you reach out to as you start this Bible Study?

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In the Perfect Love Bible study, Lisa Harper offers historical and theological insight to bring the Song of Solomon to life for women of all ages and stages. She is a sought-after Bible teacher and the author of ten books including A Perfect Mess, Stumbling Into Grace, and Overextended and Loving Most of It. 

Listen as she offers ways to make your Bible study time for meaningful and life-changing for the women in your group. 

The subject of intimacy may be especially hard for women in your group who have experienced abuse or pain in intimate relationships. How will you be sensitive to those women, but also dig deep into the love story?
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In that video as well as throughout the series, Lisa is open and honest about her own struggles. Are you willing to be open about your own life? How will you create a safe place for others to share their doubts and fears?
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At the beginning of each session, your group will watch a dramatic or amusing illustration to ease into the teaching topic. 

In this poetic illustration from the study, watch and listen as a young woman considers the source of spiritual growth. Your group will be inspired to think deeply about their own spiritual lives: Do they display the power of Christ? Are their roots intertwined with His? Can they withstand the storms? 

To help you teach the lesson and dig deeper in Scripture, use the downloadable Leader's Guide and group handouts. Take some time in advance to consider the Bible study questions and come up with personal examples to encourage discussion among your group. 

As you prepare to lead this Bible study, are there any ways I can pray for you or help you facilitate?
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We are all beautiful to God. Not because we are good enough, but because Jesus is. We do not have to do more or be more, rather we can pursue intimacy and stand confident in the perfect love of God. That is good news! 

You can find the Perfect Love Bible study series exclusively in the RightNow Media Bible Study Library here.