How to Conduct a Capital Initiative

Raising Financial Resources

You've outgrown your sanctuary…your parking lot needs a fresh coat of asphalt and striping…your church van just clicked over 250,000 miles and needs to be replaced…

The reasons for launching a capital initiative at your church can take on many forms, but they all mean the same thing: you have a real need and there isn't money in the budget to pay for it. In this post, Steve Stroope seeks to demystify and remove a bit of the intimidation around launching a capital initiative at your church. Steve is Pastor of Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX, and co-author of Money Matters in Church.

Steve gave the components of a good capital initiative: 
  1. vision Meetings
    A series of small meetings with top donors where you can cast the vision and answer questions
  2. stewardship education
    Sermon series or small group curriculum that focuses on stewardship
  3. Prayer Meetings
    Invite the people in your church to pray with you 
  4. Preach on the vision of the church
    Cast the vision of your church and how the capital initiative furthers That mission

What you see as a big need for your church may not resonate with the people in your congregation. Before you launch a capital initiative, who are the people inside and outside of your church that can help give you wisdom on whether or not to launch the campaign?
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Have you had capital initiatives/campaigns in the past? If so, what mistakes did you make then that can positively influence how you proceed with future initiatives?
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Steve recommended that you missions and/or compassion projects within your capital initiative. Say you are trying to raise $30,000 for a church van, what sort of missions/compassion initiative would you add to that project? How much additional would you seek to raise?
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Whether you are a small church seeking to raise $10,000 or a large church seeking to raise $1,000,000, capital initiatives are an opportunity for the people in your congregation to give faithfully. However, a capital initiative that only seeks to raise money without seeking to impart a sense of stewardship among the people in your church is ultimately a failed initiative. Use capital initiatives to grow your people, not just your church's bottom line. 

For more on the subject of church finance, check out his book Money Matters in Church by Steve Stroope, here