Launching is Easy

We want RightNow Media to serve you and everyone in your school. We’re on your side. That’s why launching is easy. Keep reading to find out how we do the hard work for you.

Two Simple Steps

We Email Your Invitations

We send the emails. You sit back and relax.

You Make An Announcement

Tell your staff and students. Make it fun. Try using some of the free resources below.

Free Resources

We want your launch to go as smoothly as possible. Take a peek at our free resources.  Use our Launch video to make an announcement to your staff and students.  Or promote in print or on your website with our graphics package. Send an email to every person in your organization. Or get creative–you know what works best for your people.

Download All Files

Launch Guide

1-page PDF

Launch Video

to play for staff and students

Graphics Package

Logos, Bulletin Inserts, etc.

Launch Email

to send to staff and students

Looking for inspiration? Join these colleges caring for their students and faculty.

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Learn how to use RightNow Media to its fullest potential - for free. Make an appointment and invite ministry leaders to join the workshop. One of our trained coaches will tell you everything you need to know about RightNow Media. Get your questions answered and your team excited.

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