Work as Worship | 2:43

The world tells us that work is just a means to more comfort ... More stuff...More me. TV shows and even our misdirected language in the church have hijacked our view of work and belittled it to mundane and meaningless. 

Our mission is to help people see their work differently. To help people see their work as an opportunity to worship the God who created them. Its asking people to TRADE in a distorted view of work that is just a means to an end.

At work, a TRADER is someone who ... 

• Views work as Sacred ... not a punishment for sin. 

• Finds Identity in Jesus ... not in the title on a business card.

• Brings Meaning to Work ... instead of focusing on what we get out of work

• Works with Excellence ... because it glorifies God

• Lives un-compartmentalized ... instead of segmenting Sunday from Monday. 

Whether you are a CEO, young entrepreneur or manager in your business you have an enormous opportunity to give people a picture of God by the way you work. 

You have potential to impact the world around you for Christ. This conference is designed to encourage and connect you with opportunities to get involved.