Before You Say "I Do" H. Norman Wright
Before You Say "I Do"
H. Norman Wright
Trailer 4 MINS
1. What is Marriage? 30 MINS
2. Uniqueness and Acceptance in ... 31 MINS
3. What Do You Expect from ... 29 MINS
4. Roles, Responsiblity, and ... 31 MINS
5. Communication 31 MINS
6. Your Life Together 32 MINS
7. On Your First Anniversary 17 MINS
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Give Yourselves the Best Chance for a Great Marriage. 

Would you like to have a close, fulfilling marriage—a marriage in which each of you can be your spouse's companion, friend, and support in life? 

Bestselling author and marriage counselor Norm Wright draws from his many interactions with couples to help you discover more about your and your future mate's dreams and goals for your union. Your relationship will deepen and you'll learn enduring principles for lifelong partnership as you begin to: 

  • adjust to differences in personality and background
  • clarify role expectations
  • develop your spiritual life
  • establish a positive sexual relationship
  • talk over how to handle finances 

Most of all, as you discover the role that Jesus Christ has in your relationship, you and your partner will gain what you need to make your marriage all it's meant to be.  
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