A Woman's Secret for Confident Living Karol Ladd
A Woman's Secret for Confident Living
Karol Ladd
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Transform Your Thinking 30 MINS
2. Grow in Christ 31 MINS
3. Step Forward 31 MINS
4. Be Your Best 31 MINS
5. Strengthen Your Relationships 31 MINS
6. Shine with Joy 32 MINS
Is Self-Confidence Enough?

"Look confident, act confident, be confident." The world's pressure is immense. What if you feel you don't measure up?

Knowing Christ and His greatness, says Karol Ladd, and knowing who you are in Him, sets you on an exciting path to living- not in self-confidence, but God-confidence. Karol digs transforming truth out of Scriptures in six positive, inspiring sessions:

  • Transform Your Thinking
  • Grow in Christ
  • Step Forward
  • Be Your Best
  • Strengthen Your Relationships
  • Shine with Joy

And the best thing about the secret for confident living? With God, it's no secret!  
Put your passion for life where it will count!

As you explore Paul's intriguing letter to the Philippians with popular author and speaker Karol Ladd, you'll catch her passion and infectious enthusiasm. You'll learn to live intentionally as you face life's daily challenges...and you'll be helped to fall deeply in love with Jesus Christ, understand God's Word and His plans for your life, and say more and more, "Father, I want what You want."

Based on scriptural truth, these inspiring true-life stories and practical steps make this series perfect for Bible study or personal quiet times.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Pardon My Progress 31 MINS
2. Living Life with Passion 31 MINS
3. The Delicious Flavor of Humble ... 31 MINS
4. Press On 30 MINS
5. Dealing with Difficult People ... 31 MINS
6. The Key to True Contentment 32 MINS
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