The DNA of Joy Greg Surratt
The DNA of Joy
Greg Surratt
1. The DNA of Joy 10 MINS
2. The DNA of Relationships 10 MINS
3. The DNA of a Great Bad Day 9 MINS
4. The DNA of Perseverance 9 MINS
5. The DNA of Contentment 9 MINS
6. The DNA of Giving 11 MINS
7. The DNA of Joy- Leaders Watch ... 4 MINS
8. The DNA of Joy- Session 1 for ... 5 MINS
9. The DNA of Joy- Session 2 for ... 4 MINS
10. The DNA of Joy- Session 3 for ... 3 MINS
11. The DNA of Joy- Session 4 for ... 2 MINS
12. The DNA of Joy- Session 5 for ... 3 MINS
13. The DNA of Joy- Session 6 for ... 2 MINS

Speaker:   Greg Surratt
Publisher:   Seacoast Church - 2014
contentment, giving, god, joy, perseverance, relationships, seacoast church
Is it possible to have joy at all times, regardless of our circumstances? Though it was written from a prison cell, Paul's letter to the Philippians exudes joy and gratefulness. Throughout this study, we will be taking a look at what Philippians can teach us about the DNA of Joy: what joy truly is, how we can find it, how we can keep it, and how we can have it in all things. This wide-ranging study will encourage you and your group that joy is not the same as happiness—it is more stable, more permanent, built upon a sure foundation.  
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Speaker:   Greg Surratt
Publisher:   Seacoast Church - 2014
contentment, giving, god, joy, perseverance, relationships, seacoast church
Greg Surratt
What do you think of when you hear the word “church”? Stained glass windows, a steeple, organ music, or a choir? The church actually isn't a building or even a service. It's people. God created the Church to be a community of people who know Him. Join us for this series as we learn about becoming the church God created us to be. When God sees Seacoast, we don't want him to see a nice building or a great service. We want him to see a church.
1. Why Church? 14 MINS
2. I See a Church That Is Marked ... 12 MINS
3. I See a Church That Grows ... 11 MINS
4. I See a Church That Is Built on ... 12 MINS
5. I See a Church That Cares As ... 13 MINS
6. I See a Church That Honors the ... 16 MINS
Greg Surratt
We all know (or should know) we can't make God move, but we can Make Room for God to move. We can create space and invite God to work. We can open the door and invite Him in. Can you imagine what God might do if we did this as church, if you did this as a small group, or if you decided to walk it out personally? We would take ground in the Kingdom! Lives would be changed! Our community would be transformed!
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Make Room for God 16 MINS
2. Make Room for Relationships 14 MINS
3. Make Room for a Miracle 14 MINS
4. Make Room for Rest 17 MINS
5. Make Room for Generosity 15 MINS
6. Make Room for Mission 19 MINS
7. Make Room- Leader Watch This ... 13 MINS
8. Make Room- 1 for Leaders 4 MINS
9. Make Room- 2 for Leaders 3 MINS
10. Make Room- 3 for Leaders 2 MINS
11. Make Room- 4 for Leaders 3 MINS
12. Make Room- 5 for Leaders 2 MINS
13. Make Room- 6 for Leaders 2 MINS
Greg Surratt
When was the last time you asked God, "What's next?"

You might be ready for a career change.

Or maybe you are looking for your next relationship.

Maybe graduation is within reach and the future seems uncertain.

Or perhaps you find yourself just going through the motions, waiting for better times to come.

We all have a "next" that we are searching for. The question is, are we searching for God's "next?" God's plans for us are always better than our own plans and no matter who or where you are, God has a "next" for you. That's where this study comes in. NEXT is about celebrating where we've been and looking forward with great anticipation to where God wants to lead us.

In NEXT, you and your group will learn to understand your "here." You will spend time discussing and discovering why God has led you to where you are and you will be reminded that while it is important to learn about "here," God has more for us than that- he wants to take us "there." God wants us to go with him beyond what we could have imagined for our lives. NEXT is about all of us learning to move from "here" to "there" in every aspect of our lives.

In your life and in your walk with God, the best is yet to come, so get ready for what is NEXT!
1. Where is Here? 11 MINS
2. How Did We Get Here? 11 MINS
3. Why Can't We Stay Here? 11 MINS
4. Where Are We Going? 13 MINS
5. How Do We Get There? 12 MINS
6. Message to Leaders 5 MINS
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