Setting Things Right Robert Emmitt
Setting Things Right
Robert Emmitt
1. Setting Things Right 33 MINS
2. Living Right in a Wrong World 28 MINS
3. Be a Better Man 33 MINS
4. Be a Better Woman 33 MINS
5. Be a Better Employee 33 MINS
6. Be a Better Witness 28 MINS
Join Robert Emmitt, Pastor Emeritus of Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX, as he teaches through the book of Titus. Titus's assignment was to “fix it” and as we learn the truths in Scripture from this book we'll see how to set things right in our own lives.  
Robert Emmitt
Is it possible to live a Christian life in this modern world? How should I respond to the tensions of this world as a Christian? What if I told you someone wrote you a letter about being a Christian in today's world? If you take 20 minutes and read this letter your life will change.

No matter who you are or what you do, this letter is for you. God's life changing plan is simple to read, easy to understand and practical to implement into every day life. Join us for this seven part series that covers Money, Tension, Discrimination and a look at Jesus that will change your life.
1. The Christian's Response to the ... 44 MINS
2. In Time of Tension 32 MINS
3. Discrimination 30 MINS
4. Power of Words 34 MINS
5. Closer to God 36 MINS
6. Money 41 MINS
7. Jesus is coming back 34 MINS
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