When Helping Hurts: The Small Group Experience Brian Fikkert
When Helping Hurts: The Small Group Experience
Brian Fikkert
1. Reconsidering the Meaning of ... 17 MINS
2. Seeing God at Work 12 MINS
3. Understanding Why Good ... 13 MINS
4. Joining God's Work 16 MINS
5. Fostering Change 12 MINS
6. Moving Forward 15 MINS
When Helping Hurts is a paradigm-forming contemporary classic on the subject of poverty alleviation and has sold over 225,000 copies. Now there is a stand-alone resource to introduce this paradigm in an accessible way. Rather than simply looking at the economics, it looks at the poverty of relationships between man and God, man and man, man and creation, and man and self. Utilizing free, online video lessons set both in Africa and the United States, the Small Group Experience is the ideal resource for small groups, Sunday school classes, parachurch and non-profit ministries, ministry training, and even individuals.

In six lessons, the concepts of When Helping Hurts are brought to the reader in a format that is perfect for training, discussion, and application. It is in ideal introduction to life-changing and offers the perfect context for engagement. The video provides expert instruction and the Small Group Experience provides questions and prompts for conversation, deeper learning, and taking action.  
  When Helping Hurts: Book
  When Helping Hurts: Small Group Experience- DVD
Do short-term missions without doing long-term harm. 

Helping Without Hurting in Short-term Missions is a video-based study from the authors of the bestselling book, When Helping Hurts—a paradigm-forming contemporary classic on the subject of poverty alleviation. Now, this stand-alone resource applies the principles of "helping without hurting" specifically to short term missions. 

This resource is ideal for Church leaders, missions pastors, and youth pastors who make short-term missions planning decisions and desire to prevent inadvertent harm as they enter materially poor communities. 

In order to get the most out of this study, you'll need to purchase the Leader's Guide and Participant's Guides for your group. Six of the eight units have video elements, but there are two units that your group will do during their trip. 

The Leader's Guide provides explanations of how to design STMs well in light of the principles of When Helping Hurts, practical examples from short-term trips to illustrate the key principles, suggested resources, and the content of the participant's guide with annotation and teaching notes to guide leaders as they facilitate sessions with participants.
1. More Than Meets the Eye 18 MINS
2. Who Are the Poor? 18 MINS
3. They Are Not Helpless 16 MINS
4. The Kingdom is Upside Down 17 MINS
5. Being a Blessing 19 MINS
6. Making it Count 19 MINS
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