The Bible From 30,000 Feet: The Book of Genesis 1–11 Skip Heitzig
The Bible From 30,000 Feet: The Book of Genesis 1–11
Skip Heitzig
1. The Book of Genesis 1-11 53 MINS
We begin The Bible from 30,000 Feet with a tour of Genesis Chapters 1–11. On this flight we'll travel all the way back to the very beginning - The Creation. We'll meet the first man and woman and their deceiver - the Serpent. We'll fly over God's new creation and meet a man named Noah, who God saved from His judgment - the Flood. We'll also take a look at "beginnings," the first time things are mentioned in the Bible a special significance should be given to them. The word Genesis itself is a Greek word that means "origin," the book describes the origins of creation.  
  The Bible From 30,000 Feet: DVD Set- Volume 1
Skip Heitzig
A Christian marriage is intended to portray Christ and His church to the world. But how do we ensure that our marriages live up to God's standards? In this series, Pastor Skip Heitzig covers various scriptural texts to give us the biblical view on marriage. From dating to dealing with in-laws; from anger management to managing your finances; from conflict resolution to delightful sexual relations, this powerful series will provide the tools you need to strengthen your home and relationships.
1. No Man is an Island- Genesis ... 42 MINS
2. The First Wedding- Genesis ... 41 MINS
3. Trouble in Paradise- Genesis ... 41 MINS
4. Gender Wars- Genesis 1-3 46 MINS
5. Friends with Benefits- Matthew ... 42 MINS
6. The Hardest Word in a Marriage- ... 44 MINS
7. The Storm-Proof Shelter of a ... 40 MINS
8. Strength and Honor- Hebrews ... 40 MINS
9. Homemaker or Homebreaker? Titus ... 42 MINS
10. Needed! Real Men! Joshua ... 39 MINS
11. How to Have a Love Affair with ... 40 MINS
12. How to Have a Love Affair with ... 40 MINS
13. Weeds of Unfaithfulness in the ... 43 MINS
14. Faith Walkin' and Tongue ... 41 MINS
15. Short Fuse for the Long Haul! ... 38 MINS
16. Partners for Life- Psalm 1:1-6 ... 50 MINS
17. Have a New You by Friday 40 MINS
18. In Sickness and in Health- Job ... 40 MINS
19. The Most Important Job in the ... 42 MINS
20. In-laws or Outlaws? - Genesis ... 41 MINS
21. The Unequal Yoke- 2 Corinthians ... 37 MINS
22. Are You Building a House or a ... 40 MINS
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