The Voice of the Martyrs: Underground Reality: Vietnam
The Voice of the Martyrs: Underground Reality: Vietnam
Trailer 3 MINS
1. Getting Started 29 MINS
2. Youth Camp 23 MINS
3. Underground Bible College 21 MINS
4. Central Highlands 34 MINS
Scattered around Vietnam in secret meetings, believers risk all to follow Christ. For the most part, they remain unknown or even ignored by the Western world.

What would happen when eight ordinary teens set out on a mission to meet the underground church in Vietnam? Now you can travel with The Voice of the Martyrs and a group of American and Australian teenagers through the cities, jungles and everyday life of Vietnamese underground church. A journey that started with a single mission to smuggle Bibles and ended with the dramatic reality of harassment, persecution and a courageous faith like none of them had witnessed before.

Documented in four episodes, Underground Reality highlights every step of this incredible journey that ultimately asks, "How far are you willing to go for your faith?"  
  Underground Reality: Vietnam DVD
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