Made to Make a Difference Max Lucado
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Our Generation 22 MINS
2. Poverty is a Priority 23 MINS
3. Blast the Walls 23 MINS
4. Do Good Quietly 17 MINS
Can you really change the world?

Deep down, everyone wants to make a difference. But it is difficult for students to get past their own issues, problems, and distractions to see that their lives can count right now.

In these four challenging youth Bible study sessions hosted by Jenna Lucado Bishop, Max Lucado offers Biblical insight into how God has uniquely created students with certain passions, talents, and interests to impact the world for Christ. Students share real-life stories on how they've spoken up, stepped out and made a difference around them.  
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Why Me? Why am I here? Why did this happen? Can you help me understand? Where's the lifeline? Where can I turn? Is there any hope?

We have questions. Real, important and challenging questions. Questions about family, finances, and forgiveness. Unsettling questions regarding illness, death and eternity. Don't we crave answers to these questions that tug on the deepest parts of our hearts?

Max Lucado has received thousands of questions and wrestled with plenty of his own. In these eight Bible study sessions, one of today's most trusted pastors takes on life's most important questions. Here's hoping that his answers to the questions of others will help you find answers to your own.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Hope 18 MINS
2. Hurt 19 MINS
3. Help 17 MINS
4. Him/Her 19 MINS
5. Home 17 MINS
6. Haves/Have-Nots 13 MINS
7. Hereafter 22 MINS
8. Humanity 13 MINS
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