Micah's Christmas Treasure
Micah's Christmas Treasure
1. Micah's Christmas Treasure 53 MINS

***This series will no longer be available on RightNow Media after January 14, 2022***

Micah, a poor shepherd boy, makes a wonderful discovery

amidst the tumult and uncertainty of ancient Israel at the time of

Christ's birth. After Roman tax collectors punish their family for being

unable to pay their taxes, young Micah and his sister, Rachel, set out

to acquire the treasure that will save their home. Their quest takes

them on an adventure that puts them in the middle of one of history's

greatest moments. Micah and Rachel meet strange characters and witness

unusual events as they follow a brilliant star to Bethlehem. Soon they

are caught up in the drama that surrounds the tiny town as angels, kings

and shepherds report the arrival of a treasure beyond Micah's wildest

dreams. Then Micah is faced with the most important decision of his

life. Will he trade information about the whereabouts of a special baby

in exchange for the riches he has longed for? Or will he find a

treasure of greater value than gold?

Suggested Age: Preschool, Elementary

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