The Easter Promise & The Witness
The Easter Promise & The Witness
1. The Easter Promise 46 MINS
2. The Witness 46 MINS

***This series will no longer be available on RightNow Media after January 14, 2022***

The Easter Promise

Jerem dreams of being a soldier for a king. He is thrilled to hear about the upcoming arrival of the true King Jesus. Jerem, however, is fooled by appearances and soon rejects Jesus along with most of Jerusalem. In a wonderful lesson about truth, appearances, and forgiveness, Jerem ultimately trusts in Jesus and witnesses the fulfillment of the greatest promise of all- the resurrection.

The Witness

The journey to unshakable faith begins with doubt for Barabbas. Having been spared from death, he arrogantly attends the crucifixion of the man who took his place. Suddenly he is faced with the power of God and the plaguing question, "Was Jesus really the Son of God?" Confident in his unbelief, Barabbas sets out to prove Jesus a fraud. His search for answers reveals many witness to the life, ministry, miracles and power of Jesus. Witnesses with facts he cannot dispute.

This powerful, animated production confirms that those who seek, often find more than they were searching for...they discover the power of the truth.

Suggested Age: Preschool, Elementary

  The Easter Promise & The Witness- DVD
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