1. A Dirty War Declared 3 MINS
2. Your Destiny Is Waiting 6 MINS
3. Authority At Stake 7 MINS
4. Carry Your Weapons 5 MINS
5. U+P=D 5 MINS
6. Clean Brain 4 MINS
7. Holy Hologram 7 MINS
8. Really Under Authority 7 MINS
9. A Promised Land 6 MINS
10. James and John 6 MINS
11. The Road To Trouble 8 MINS
12. The Two-Sided Problem 6 MINS
13. Staying On Offense 6 MINS
Called to be Clean!

As a Christian man your calling is to be clean in every area in your life. As a husband, father, son, and friend your clean influence can impact others around you and future generations.

This series is designed to be used in conjunction with the Clean book and Clean: The Journal. Dr. Weiss offers 5 to 10 minute video segments that complement each chapter of the book and journal. Encouragement, paradigms, and clear directives are shared by Dr. Weiss to get and stay clean.  
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