1. The Flood of Anxiety and Fear 16 MINS
2. The Flood of Feeling ... 26 MINS
3. The Flood of Indecision 26 MINS
4. The Flood of Blessings 24 MINS
5. The Flood of Healing 27 MINS
Are you dealing with troubles and trials that seem to have no end in sight? In this powerful 5-part series, Pastor Kerry and Chris take a fresh look at the life of Noah to help you discover how God can rescue you when the waters rise.  
  Rescue- DVD
Learn how to get intentional with your life so that you can make the changes needed to go down the right track. In this transforming study series into God's Word from Romans 12:1-2, Pastor Kerry teaches us how to line our lives up with the things that matter most because power flows through priorities.
1. Getting on Track 25 MINS
2. One Track 26 MINS
3. Body on Track 26 MINS
4. Second-Chance Train 25 MINS
Has intimacy grown cold and lost its flavor in your marriage? You need the right recipe to spice up and enjoy what God intended. The trouble for many is that they have been using the wrong cookbook. Join Pastor Kerry as he shares tried and true recipes for romance from God's Word.
1. A Recipe for Relating 26 MINS
2. Gourmet 26 MINS
In this life-changing, two-part series, Pastor Kerry creatively illustrates how you can experience spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy by recognizing what is most valuable to God. Discover how prayer, affirmation and affection are important steps to enjoying a loving and lasting relationship. When you learn to act intentionally and risk letting go, you transform your relationship and begin to live a sacred life.
1. Sacred Love and Sex 27 MINS
2. Sacred Relationships 26 MINS
In this creative series, Pastor Kerry will show you how to reclaim the God-given treasures of peace, joy, confidence and purpose. The pirate comes to loot and plunder- to "steal, kill and destroy." But Jesus came to give life. In these teachings you will discover more treasure in God's Word.
1. Reclaiming My Stolen Dreams 26 MINS
2. Reclaiming My Stolen Peace 26 MINS
3. Reclaiming My Stolen Joy 25 MINS
4. Reclaiming My Stolen Passion 27 MINS
5. Reclaiming My Stolen Self-Worth 26 MINS
This special collection of teachings from Pastor Kerry Shook will show you how to live a life of no regrets through the power of forgiveness, renewed relationships and living with eternal perspective. Experience the life that God intended for you. Today is your someday!
1. One Month to Live: Living a ... 30 MINS
2. Canvas: The Amazing Grace of ... 26 MINS
3. Is There Life After Death? 25 MINS
4. CPR: The Power of Renewed ... 27 MINS
In this powerful series by Kerry Shook, discover how you can leave your influential imprint on this world by building a life God blesses. Learn how to build a life of character, effectiveness, joy, commitment and community that will stand the test of time and leave a lasting legacy.
1. Sandcastles 25 MINS
2. Sandstorm 26 MINS
3. Sands of Time 25 MINS
4. Quicksand 26 MINS
5. Sandpaper 25 MINS
If you want what normal people have, do what normal people do. If you want what few people have, do what few people do. In this compelling sermon series, Pastor Kerry shares how making drastic changes in our lives may seem weird to others, but will eventually take us to the narrow road that leads to life.
1. Weird Relationships 25 MINS
2. Weird Time 26 MINS
3. Weird Sheep 26 MINS
4. Weird Faith 25 MINS
Cuts, bruises and scrapes are a part of life. Every one is unique with its own story. What's amazing is how fast they seem to heal. But, what about the "relationship" cuts, bruises and scrapes that need far more attention - the ones we want healed, but they never seem to? This powerful two-part series by Pastor Kerry will help us learn how to move "Beyond the Band-Aide" and discover true healing that will result in lasting and fulfilling relationships.
1. First Aid 27 MINS
2. CPR 27 MINS
In our society, it's normal to get caught up in a busy and often stressful schedule; but busier isn't always better. Pushing yourself to extremes can leave you overcommitted, burned out and too tired to hear God's wisdom. Kerry and Chris Shook help you understand the joys of living a simple life based solely on God and His powerful love. By learning to slow down and live a life based on God's heart, you'll discover a better and simpler life filled with contentment.
1. The Simple Revolution 26 MINS
2. The Simple Life 26 MINS
3. The Ripple Effect 26 MINS
If God offered you anything, what would you choose? Wealth? Fame? Success" In this creative series, Pastor Kerry studies the Book of Proverbs to explore the power of wisdom and helps us understand how insight, foresight and hindsight can help us make wise choices now and for eternity.
1. The One Thing: Connecting with ... 24 MINS
2. The Power of Wise Words: ... 26 MINS
Using illustrations and parable teachings, Pastor Kerry helps you remember the truth- it's never too late to change. Learn to accept God's grace, break free from financial bondage, make a fresh start, be transformed and change your relationships through the power of God's love. Like Jesus' parables, this creative series is full of vivid imagery that will open your heart and mind.
1. Canvas 27 MINS
2. Bound 26 MINS
3. Etch a Sketch 27 MINS
4. Awakening 26 MINS
5. Uprising 25 MINS
6. High Octane 27 MINS
In this eye opening 2-part series about conflict, Pastor Kerry reveals how anger can either destroy the bonds that hold relationships together, or it can be a building block that makes them stronger. Learn to fight fair and speak the truth in love.
1. Dealing with People Who Ruffle ... 26 MINS
2. Fighting Words 26 MINS
Are you moving through life doing the best you can in your own strength while at the same time longing for purpose and fulfillment? In this life-changing series, Pastor Kerry explores the mystery of the Trinity and helps you learn to enjoy true fellowship with your creator.
1. God the Father 25 MINS
2. God the Son 26 MINS
3. God the Holy Spirit 26 MINS
In this relevantly combined message series on spiritual growth, overcoming trials, and strengthening faith, Pastor Kerry presents how simply changing our perspective can provide the divine alignment we need to experience our own personal miracles. Take your position, and find out how to experience the miracle you need now.
1. A Firsthand Miracle 25 MINS
2. A Miracle for the Overwhelmed 26 MINS
3. A Miracle of Restoration 25 MINS
4. A Miracle When You Need it Most 26 MINS
5. A Miracle of God's Provision 26 MINS
6. The Miracle of God's Promotion 24 MINS
To experience personal, radical transformation requires an act of God. It's a change that will affect our lives, the lives of our families, the life of our church, and our community. God wants to do something in our lives from the inside out that changes us and the world forever.
1. Inside Out 17 MINS
2. Defining Moment 26 MINS
3. A Firsthand Miracle 25 MINS
4. Eternal Footprint 26 MINS
In a unique study into the character of Jacob, Pastor Kerry reveals spiritual truths encouraging us to break away from the sin that drains us, and find the peace that God has for us. Discover a new day by allowing God to take control in your life for a total renewing of your soul.
1. Breaking Free From Envy 26 MINS
2. Wresting God 26 MINS
3. Renewing 25 MINS
In this creative message series, Pastor Kerry draws perfect parallels between God's creation of the heavens and earth and His re-creation of YOU. Learn how to align yourself with God's process for change and accept His gift of a clean slate.
1. Etch a Sketch 21 MINS
2. Canvas 26 MINS
3. Bound 26 MINS
Move from a knowledge of God to a true relationship with God. Inspired by the bestselling book Firsthand: Ditching Secondhand Religion for a Faith of Your Own by Ryan and Josh Shook, Pastor Kerry encourages us through biblical truths and inspirational testimonies to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with Christ.
1. Firsthand Faith 26 MINS
2. Firsthand Change 28 MINS
3. Faith That Shatters The ... 26 MINS
4. Firsthand Dream 26 MINS
This hand-picked collection of Summer Classics includes some of Pastor Kerry's most creative and illustrative messages on Forgiveness. In each powerful message, Pastor Kerry demonstrates the relevance of using stories and illustrations, much like Jesus did, to communicate biblical principles in a way that people remember and understand.
1. Etch a Sketch 26 MINS
2. Dealing with People Who Ruffle ... 26 MINS
3. Ocean of Forgiveness 26 MINS
4. Sandpaper 25 MINS
5. The Compassion of One Life ... 26 MINS
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