Trailer 1 MIN
1. The Servant King 12 MINS
2. The Rejected King 15 MINS
3. Our Friend, the King 9 MINS
4. The Counter-Cultural King 15 MINS
5. The Lowly King 12 MINS

Speaker:   Derwin Gray
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2021
advent, christmas, holiday, jesus, king, lord, season
Who exactly is Jesus? What kind of God would come to earth as a human? As Christmas approaches, the season of Advent offers us a chance to reflect on our savior, his purpose, and the surprising ways he invited people near to him. Join pastor Derwin Gray in this five-session Advent study as he unveils King Jesus—the God-man who defied expectations, the king of all creation who humbled himself to serve and die, the friend to sinners who wants to lift us up.  
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Speaker:   Derwin Gray
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2021
advent, christmas, holiday, jesus, king, lord, season
Derwin Gray
The book of Hebrews was written to people in crisis. They were persecuted, tempted by the rampant sin around them, and doubting their faith in Jesus. It was not so different than what many of us go through today.

Join Dr. Derwin Gray in this eight-session series as he walks through Hebrews, teaching us how to live for Jesus in every season of life. Hebrews shows us that Jesus is better than anything the world can offer. We simply need to answer, “Am I willing to trust him above everything else?”
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1. Jesus’s Identity 16 MINS
2. Jesus Is Better 12 MINS
3. Approach the Throne 16 MINS
4. Moving Toward Maturity 14 MINS
5. Jesus’s Work 14 MINS
6. Confident Christianity 15 MINS
7. Living by Faith 14 MINS
8. Following Jesus 14 MINS
Ed Stetzer

In this increasingly divisive cultural moment, the call that we are better together has never been greater. To reach every tongue, tribe, and nation, it will take every tongue, tribe, and nation. The church must find its place in championing and modeling unity, and it starts with these healthy conversations.

1. Ed Stetzer on Pursuing Unity 11 MINS
2. Lecrae Moore on Navigating ... 6 MINS
3. Cynt Marshall on Systemic Bias ... 12 MINS
4. George Yancey on Systemic Bias ... 12 MINS
5. Albert Tate on Whiteness Has ... 9 MINS
6. Derwin Gray on Whiteness Has ... 10 MINS
7. Bryan Loritts on Whiteness Has ... 12 MINS
8. Léonce Crump on Expanding My ... 13 MINS
9. D.A. Horton on How Big is My ... 11 MINS
10. Danielle Strickland on How Big ... 12 MINS
11. George Yancey on We Are the ... 11 MINS
12. Hosanna Wong on We Are the ... 12 MINS
13. Efrem Smith on Pursuing Unity 10 MINS
14. Mike Kelsey on Why “Just Preach ... 9 MINS
15. Miles McPherson on Systemic ... 13 MINS
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