Outpouring: Unleashed with Holy Spirit Power Jordan Gash
Outpouring: Unleashed with Holy Spirit Power
Jordan Gash
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Empowered by the Holy Spirit 12 MINS
2. Activated to Action 9 MINS
3. Influenced to Respond 12 MINS
4. United to Worship 13 MINS
5. Transformed to Overflow 9 MINS

What happens when the power of the One who created the universe gets placed inside a group of people? What transpires when the power of the One who raised the dead to life fills a church? How does the world react when the power of the King of kings and Lord of lords comes and rests upon common men and women? This is what we see in Acts, chapter 2. As you go through this 5-session group study, you will be transported to the first days of the Church of Jesus Christ and witness their ignition and unleashing in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, who was promised by Jesus, is not only for those first believers, but is promised to all who would call on the name of Jesus for salvation.

  Outpouring: Unleashed with Holy Spirit Power - Workbook

As followers of Christ, we have been born into a new covenant and have been given very great and precious promises. Great promises produce great expectation. Using the example of the disciples in the time between Jesus’ ascension and Pentecost, we will explore a posture of life that we can take on when we are patiently seeking the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Trailer < 1 MIN
1. Open Minds 8 MINS
2. Patient Feet 14 MINS
3. Visionary Eyes 8 MINS
4. Prayerful Hearts 8 MINS
5. Unified Community 7 MINS
Am I going to believe God or not? This is the ultimate question that has been challenging people for thousands of years. The Biblical character of Abraham is known as the father of faith, but what is faith? Is it necessary and, if so, how do you have it? As you journey through this series, you will explore what the Bible says about faith and whether you are a long-time Christian or looking at these verses for the first time, we strongly encourage you to lean in. This can change your life.  
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Definition of Faith 12 MINS
2. Why Faith is Important 12 MINS
3. Faith has an Object 11 MINS
4. Faith Expressed through Action 13 MINS
5. Growing through Faith 13 MINS
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