Discovering Mission for Your Marriage Daniel and Bonnie Hoover
Discovering Mission for Your Marriage
Daniel and Bonnie Hoover
1. The Marriage Adventure 8 MINS
2. Where Are You Going? 19 MINS
3. Mapping Mission and Core Values 15 MINS
4. Playing the Positions 15 MINS
5. The Benefits of Mission 12 MINS
6. Detours and Drifts 14 MINS

God Created marriage to be far more exciting than living together for fifty years to buy homes, attain status, raise children, and manage day to day activities. Live a family road trip, marriage is an adventure filled with highs, lows, and everything in between.

The Marriage Adventure: Discovering Mission for Your Marriage invites you to join a road trip across the country to help you discover the unique, grand mission for your marriage relationship. The Marriage Adventure will equip you to:

  • understand how a mission can change your family and world around you.
  • develop a mission statement and core values for your marriage.
  • use your strengths to work together and become more intimate friends.
  • BONUS: Participate in the included SIX WEEK CHALLENGE to learn how to enjoy your God-ordained, unique Marriage Adventure.

This video study is designed to be used along with The Marriage Adventure Book and Couple’s Guide.

  The Marriage Adventure - Book
  The Marriage Adventure - Couple's Guide
  The Marriage Adventure - Podcast
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