Family Values Jenny Worsham
Family Values
Jenny Worsham
Trailer 2 MINS
1. Love 10 MINS
2. Encouragement 10 MINS
3. Commitment 10 MINS
4. Obedience 11 MINS
5. Joy 9 MINS
6. Resiliency 11 MINS
7. Selflessness 12 MINS
8. Presence 10 MINS
9. Responsibility 11 MINS
10. Gratitude 12 MINS
11. Generosity 9 MINS
12. Faith 14 MINS
13. Gather Moms Introduction 1 MIN
Your home is where life happens! All too often we pass the days with laundry, to-do lists, and complicated schedules. What if you could be more intentional with the time gifted to you in raising your children? The twelve core values covered in this series will focus your mind and heart to help you pass on what really matters to your kids. The days are long but the years are short. Let’s make those fleeting years count and teach our children life values that will equip them to thrive both today and for the rest of their lives.
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