1. God Dwells in the Dirt 14 MINS
2. Whatever You Plant Will Grow . ... 14 MINS
3. Jesus Loves the Dirt 11 MINS
4. Dirt With Spit Can Heal 12 MINS

Speaker:   Jeff Voth
Publisher:   Cavetime - 2021
foundation, heal, man, men, plant, purpose

As a man, you are dirt. God literally formed you from the dust of the earth and breathed life into your body. It is important for you to understand that what you plant in the dirt will grow. What are you planting in your soul? In this series, Jeff Voth will discuss how God dwells in the dirt and can use it however He desires to bring about His purpose.

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Speaker:   Jeff Voth
Publisher:   Cavetime - 2021
foundation, heal, man, men, plant, purpose

As a man, you will face mountains in your life. Will you be prepared? Life is filled with adventure and with adventure, adversity may come. Will you have what it takes to withstand the storms that may come your way?

In this series, Cavetime Founder, Jeff Voth, walks men through the award winning documentary - Mountains & Manhood - and shows how adventure, legacy and brotherhood should be applied to your everyday life. Journey with Jeff and the men as they summit 14,000 foot peaks, flyfish in snowcap rivers, and talk about overcoming adversity all while under the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Trailer 1 MIN
1. Welcome to The Cave 9 MINS
2. Retreat, Legacy & Adversity 14 MINS
3. I Hear Thunder 13 MINS
4. The Storm 12 MINS
5. Catch & Release 15 MINS
6. The Summit 16 MINS
7. The Prodigal Son 21 MINS
8. Affirmation Circle 15 MINS
Jeff Voth

Life is filled with mountaintop and wilderness experiences. For many of us, we feel   unprepared on how to handle these. God longs to teach each of us something unique as we climb mountains and walk through the wilderness. 

In this series, Cavetime Founder, Jeff Voth, unpacks a powerful story of how he was lost in the mountains as a young boy. He takes us on a Biblical journey as we follow many mountain men that interacted with God in the wild and how they walked out completely transformed. Every man is called to be a mountain man. Join us as we go to the wilderness to meet with God. You will never be the same.

Trailer 2 MINS
1. Jeff Voth - A Lost Boy 14 MINS
2. Noah - The Mountain of Promise 12 MINS
3. Abraham - The Mountain of ... 12 MINS
4. Moses - The Mountain of “I Am” 13 MINS
5. Elijah - The Mountain of Quiet ... 12 MINS
6. Joshua - The Mountain of ... 11 MINS
7. Caleb - The Mountain of ... 13 MINS
8. David - The Mountain of Rescue 14 MINS
9. Jesus - The Mountain of Kingdom ... 12 MINS
10. Jesus - The Mountain of Glory 12 MINS
Jeff Voth

In order to engage in the battles that will assault, you must have a game plan. Without a strategy, you are a walking target. Without a strategy, you are simply shooting in the dark. The Five Stones of Cavetime are the foundations needed to develop your spiritual rhythm.

In this series, Cavetime Founder, Jeff Voth, will break down what he calls "The Rhythm of the Cave.” As a man, it is critical for you to understand the importance of a spiritually disciplined life and a life of kingdom order. You can live this discipline and order through, The Stones.

Trailer 1 MIN
1. The Rhythm of The Cave 17 MINS
2. Stone 1 - Show Up 13 MINS
3. Stone 2 - Worship 15 MINS
4. Stone 3 - Prayer 15 MINS
5. Stone 4 - Word 13 MINS
6. Stone 5 - Community 15 MINS
7. Prepared with a Full Pouch 9 MINS
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