The Younique Primer 2.0 Kelly Kannwischer
The Younique Primer 2.0
Kelly Kannwischer
1. My Life: Welcome 2 MINS
2. My Life: Teaching 13 MINS
3. Tool 1: Movies 3 MINS
4. Tool 2: Two Words 4 MINS
5. My Story: Teaching 10 MINS
6. Tool 3: Hinge Moments 3 MINS
7. Tool 4: Six-Sketch Storyboard 7 MINS
8. My Gifting: Teaching 17 MINS
9. Tool 5: APEST 8 MINS
10. My Passion: Teaching 10 MINS
11. Tool 6: Offender Opposites 4 MINS
12. Tool 7: Passion 360 6 MINS
13. My Calling: Teaching 14 MINS
14. Tool 8: Two Words Extended 6 MINS
15. My Goal: Teaching 11 MINS
16. Tool 9: Important-Urgent Matrix 4 MINS
17. Tool 10: 90-Day Goal Funnel 4 MINS
18. Conclusion & Next Steps 2 MINS

What if your LifeCall is both knowable and nameable?

We’ve guided thousands of people to a life-changing understanding of God’s special calling on their lives … and helped them make a plan to live it out.

The Primer 2.0 is designed to get you started on that journey.

“God has a dream for your life. The most important part of living that life is just to get started. The Younique Primer is the way to experience the most important highlights of the Younique journey.” — Will Mancini, Younique Co-Founder

A powerful taste of what it feels like to live a life inspired by a sense of your God-given purpose, the Younique 6-Session Primer 2.0 is designed to be teachable even by someone who has never gone through Younique themselves.

We’ve designed the Primer 2.0 in such a way that wherever people are on their faith journey, they can jump right in. Whether they’re just discovering Jesus or have been walking with him a for half a century, there is joy and break-thru for everyone in the Younique process.

Each session includes a video teaching segment and corresponding activities and discussions.

Join the thousands of people who have been energized with a new sense of freedom and personal clarity through Younique. For more about the Younique process, visit

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  Session 1: My Life -PDF
  Session 2: My Story -PDF
  Session 3: My Gifting -PDF
  Session 4: My Passion -PDF
  Session 5: My Calling -PDF
  Session 6: My Goal -PDF
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